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Electra is a Portuguese brand, specialized in sensors and motion detectors, that combines quality products with competitive pricing. Our devices are manufactured according to the latest EU standards and uses the most advanced detection technologies (Infrared and Microwave). All of Electra's products are covered by a 2 year guarantee.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of the modern consumer, whether it is energy savings, ease of installation or simplicity of operation. We do our part in protecting the environment, our motion detectors reduce energy consumption, helping with savings on electricity bills and with CO2 emissions reductions. Electra is proud to be a green and eco friendly!

In our product catalog you will find the device with the specific features you want, whether its recessed or protruding,  wall or ceiling installation, indoors or outdoors, we have models that suits your every needs, both residential and business . We also sell sensors for specific applications, such as our LED bulb with built-in motion detector, our microwave detector for use in pre-existing bulkheads/plafonds and our acoustic motion detector alarm.

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Our range of sensors and motion detectors has been produced and tested in accordance with the most stringent international rules and standards, thus ensuring reliable  and high-quality products.

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Technology at your service, we help in energy savings and simplify your daily routine.

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The Electra brand has a wide range of products and is prepared for the challenges of a global marketplace. We're looking for agents and distributors who want to share our success.


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