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mini motion detector

e10 mini motion 360º detector


Mini motion flush mounted 360º detector, with timer and twilight functions. IP55, detection range of 12m Ø, (height of instalation of 2.5m). Possibility to connect to ballasts to realize dimming functions. Option to setting the unit via remote control. One remote for the installer (e10.i) and another version for the end user (

Informações Técnicas:
  • Operating voltage: 230 VAC 50 Hz
  • Ambient temperature: -20° C ... +50° C
  • Light switch off delay: 5sec ... 30min
  • Incadescent lamp load: 2000W max.
  • Halogen lamp load: 1000W max.
  • LV Halogen lamp load: 400W max.
  • Fluorescent lamp load: 600W max.
  • Compact fluorescent lamp load: 360W max.
  • LED lamp load: 400W max.

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